August 7, 2015

Be Blessed Lovelies

I've been blogging here off and on since 2008. It was mostly boring until the infertility issues came into the picture and with that the wonderful blogging community swooped in. Hearing from others dealing with IF helped make the sting of loneliness bearable. Then the outpouring of love and support after my Dad's death and my divorce was so very soothing to my aching heart. The blogging community is simply amazing.

I follow along with quite a few blogs, although I'm terrible at commenting. Which is something I want to work on now. Anyway, when I was living in Arkansas, I came across Kelly's Korner and just loved reading along with a fellow AR gal! Through her blog, I found A Blonde Ambition, written by the charming and beautiful Leslie Sisti. I adored following such a sweet and genuine blogger, that she was another AR gal was just even better! I even followed her on IG, which sounds lol and creepy, I know! But she was just one of those rare bloggers whose words came through the screen and into your heart, making you just feel like you "knew" her despite never having actually met the woman. Her recent passing has just made my heart so sad. Her husband and their two baby girls have been in my prayers ever since. They have set up a gofundme account for the girls' here, please consider making a donation, every amount helps.

I'm going to miss her witty and fun posts, she was such a bright spot in the blogging world. I'm definitely hugging M tighter these days. And sending my love out to the blogging community, all of you are awesome and show what a truly amazing community you are during hard times.

In honor of A Blonde Ambition, be blessed lovelies.

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