January 15, 2016

Grateful Friday

It's been an emotional day week, I think I need to remind myself of all the goodness even more so today than usually.

This week I am grateful for:

* two hour conversations with my BFF in Arkansas, I miss her face so much
* quality time with my nieces, they make me laugh and laugh
* visiting my preemie nephew, he is truly a miracle
* A wonderful FI who cooks, massages my back, and handles my moodiness like a pro
* gossiping with my sister and SIL
* repeat photography clients
* supportive friends who soften blows
* accepting an offer on the house!!

Today I signed and we are officially under contract. It is the strangest, most bittersweet feeling. I think I'm pissed. I'm mad that this gorgeous house isn't mine anymore, that I never saw it reach it's full potential. I'm mad about everything it was suppose to mean, what it ended up meaning, and now what it will mean. XH and I had such plans for this house, and while we probably rushed into having this house built, it was such a beacon of hope after losing my Dad. Instead, XH spent a total of 5 nights in this house before leaving me, and I rebuilt myself within these walls. So many emotions stirring inside me.

I'm hopeful that bigger and better is on the horizon. And freedom. Sweet, wonderful freedom from dealing with XH and that feels pretty exciting.

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