October 17, 2014


It's been a busy week, I'm happy to have made it to Friday! Although, it's a busy weekend too so I'm not so sure why I'm so relieved. I've been working my butt off getting the etsy shop up and running while also preparing for a Fall mini-session this weekend. It's quite nice to be busy but it's also draining! This weekend is packed with Halloween festivities along with the shoot so I'm sure I'll be exhausted by Sunday night. But, that's a good problem to have, IMO.

Anyway, I have pumpkin scents burning in my warmer, the Cowboy is next to me playing around on his phone, and the dogs are snoring. It's nice and cozy and I love it! This week I'm grateful for:

* good friends who buy jewelry from your shop!
* spending time with my Grandma, she's hilarious
* cold fronts that allow me to sleep with open windows
* my sister, who is pretty much my therapist and my biggest support
* having the space in my house for my photography and an etsy shop
* a sweet boyfriend who vacuums and deep cleans the carpet
* Halloween themed sleepovers with my nephews and nieces

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because it's hard to believe this is my life now. I really couldn't imagine a better outcome after losing my  Dad and going through the divorce. I'm very lucky to be surrounded by the people I have in my life. I've been so down lately but it's starting to turn around, hope is returning, just like it always does!

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