July 10, 2013

The Game Changer

I was perfectly content to whore my little heart out and was having quite a lot of fun doing just that. Then, I randomly checked out on a guy on OKC and to my surprise, we rated each other at exactly the same time, which led to us messaging each other. I immediately told my co-worker that he was a game changer but I laughed about it bc I wasn't interested in anything serious, at all.

Fast forward 3 weeks and yeah, I'm seeing him. I call him the Cowboy and he is pretty damn awesome. We have so much in common and we make each other just laugh and laugh! He's divorced, no kids, and works with animals, which makes me swoon! Oh, he's also a singer and I adore hearing him sing, it makes me swoon even more. Our dates are always unpredictable, our first was to the zoo and we ended up spending the entire day together. We just couldn't stop talking! He is the sweetest kisser and the sparks are amazing between us.

He lives about 35 minutes away so we don't see each other a whole lot but squeeze time in whenever we can. I spent the holiday weekend with him and that was so much fun! He is so different from C in almost every way and it's so nice being around him bc it's just so easy with him. He's pretty laidback and it's cool to have so many shared interests with someone. I really like him and I'm excited to see where this goes but I'm not over-thinking it. I just focus on today and don't think about the future much, that is just borrowing trouble, IMO

The truly wonderful part is that I had just realized how great my life is, how full and complete it is. I had just told my sister that I had realized I made my own life amazing, without a guy, and that a guy would just be the cherry on top my cake. I didn't, and don't,  need a man to define me or complete me or make me happy. That's when the Cowboy entered my life, such perfect timing. And it still holds true, my life is fucking fantastic, the Cowboy is just the cherry on top.

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