August 27, 2013

The Cowboy aka the boyfriend

I've had the most incredible Summer. No joke, people, it's been fabulous. I've spent the past few weeks having fun with the Cowboy. The zoo, the museum, the beach, the mall, arcades, movies, dinner with friends and plenty of drinks at a bar we love near his place. The connection between us just exploded and this man is just what I want. Our dates are always fun and different; we ended up swinging on swings at his old elementary school after dinner one evening. I was giggling like crazy because he stopped my swing and gave me the sweetest kiss when I heard a lady across the playground laughing, looked up to see her grinning at us acting like teenage fools. We both blushed!

Our beach date was so romantic. We went just before sunset to ride the rides on our "boardwalk" in Gal.veston and rode every ride, I screamed like a little girl on most of them! After dinner, we walked on the beach holding hands and of course, there was a full moon to light our way. We ended up driving away from the more populated area and finding an abandoned beach, where we sat in the sand listening to music and talking. We ended up in the water (only ankle deep) and splashed around in just our undies. No hanky panky because there were houses not too far away! We ended up back at my place around 2am, exhausted but just so happy.

I love sitting in a bar with him, we flirt and play pool or darts, which I'm awful at but it's still so fun! He's constantly singing along with the music and dancing around, just so oblivious to anyone else. He's having fun and it shows, which makes me join in and laugh my ass off. He's definitely going through life dancing to music only he can hear but I dig that because it's how I strive to live my life too.

He's the most wonderful addition to my life. He's reminded me of what it feels like to truly have fun. I was having a blast before him but this kind of fun feels so different and oh so good! He woke me up to what exactly I wasn't doing and that was truly and honestly letting go of the past. He makes me feel young again and that is just fabulous. Oh and the sex is mind-blowing. I'd give more details but I'm a lady and much too sober for that! 

I have a boyfriend and he's incredible. This is the most surprising turn of events but I'm very grateful that he's in my life. I can't wait to see what lies ahead in this crazy new adventure I'm on!

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  1. So excited for you! Enjoy every single of your new happiness.