October 3, 2013

Grateful Friday

It's been a while since I last did one of these and it always feels good to remind myself of all the good that is in my life. So, this week I'm grateful for:

* my awesome friends, who always make me laugh
* my equally awesome family, they are everything to me
* finally going through boxes in the attic and throwing stuff away
* my silly dogs
* that G.lee, GA, VampireDiaries, the BBT and HIMYM are back on my tv!
* Pumpkin flavored everything, I just love it!
* decorating for Halloween and LOVING how it all came together
* the amazingly sweet Cowboy, who helped me decorate and go through boxes
* seriously, can I put the Cowboy again? He just made me really happy this week

I'm deep in Halloween mode; decorating, DIY projects, baking and planning my annual party! The Cowboy is my partner in crime and loves Halloween as much as I do so our demented minds combined has equaled some really freaky decorating ideas. I did have to deal with C this week. He showed up again to drop some more mail off and just hung around a bit to chat. I'm glad we can get along and it's nice to talk normally with him but it's also really weird. I didn't know he was coming by so the Cowboy and I had just gotten done...doing stuff...when he showed up. Awkward is an understatement. Not that C knew that but I knew that and just me knowing made me feel all kinds of weirdness. Still haven't finalized and I've actually signed the papers, twice. C is the one holding it up, always has an excuse why he won't or can't sign. It's annoying.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend! Hope it's filled with all the things that are good!

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